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Volvo Truck Approved Engine Oils

Volvo Premium Motor Oil 15W40 JugMake sure to keep your Volvo Truck running like new with Volvo Premium 15W-40 Motor Oil.  Volvo Premium 15W-40 Motor Oil provides your heavy-duty diesel engine with the most advanced lubrication available in the industry today.

Volvo Premium Motor Oil is specially formulated to deliver maximum protection against soot-induced wear, filter plugging and viscosity change and provide superior oil oxidation. This is the very performance that your emission-controlled engine demands.
This is why Volvo Premium Motor Oil is “highly recommended by Volvo for all Volvo and vendor engines regardless of vintage.”
This kind of protection means that you will maximize engine durability and life while lowering maintenance costs.
Volvo Premium Motor Oil is field-tested to ensure it exceeds the rigorous demands of today’s high-output diesel engines. That is why Volvo Trucks is a leader in lubricant technology development and in heavy-duty diesel engine lubrication. It’s the only reason you need to make Volvo your lubrication choice for carefree service and long-term durability.

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