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Volvo Truck Models

Which Volvo Truck Model is right for you?

Whether you’re crossing continents, traversing dense city traffic, carrying timber on muddy rural roads, or distributing food before the sun rises, there is a Volvo truck model that is a perfect fit for your needs.  Contact Wheeling Truck Center to help you select the right truck for your application.

VNR Series

Volvo VNR The Volvo VNR is the future of the regional haul.  Daycabs and regional sleepers give you versatile and efficient solutions for regional or short-haul applications, while delivering uncompromising driver comfort, performance, and safety. The VNR series is ready to take on any task.Learn more

VNL Series

Volvo VNL
A premium truck with performance to match, the VNL series features the latest innovations in fuel efficiency, driver productivity, safety, and uptime management. With 6 different models to choose from and a range of horsepower and torque options, the VNL series has a truck that’s a perfect fit for any fleet—no matter the length of your haul.Learn more

VHD Series

Volvo VHD
Vocational trucks known for their legendary durability, reliability, and driver comfort, makes them an ideal choice when performance, and your reputation, is on the line. When you’ve got a job, the VHD series is ready to get to work.Learn more

VAH Series

Volvo VAH
Designed and built specifically for auto haulers, the VAH series maximizes payload capacity while bringing Volvo’s legendary efficiency, and driver productivity to a highly-specialized transportation business. Daycab and sleeper models are available with a range of horsepower and torque options, making the VAH series ideal for auto hauling.Learn more

Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuels
Natural gas-powered Volvo VNM 200 and VNL 300 models are ideal for local and regional haul fleets concerned about CO2 emissions. The factory-built models feature Cummins Westport ISL G and ISX12 G compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered engines.Learn more