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2016 Volvo Truck Aerodynamic Enhancements


2016 Volvo Truck Aerodynamic Enhancements

Sleek design for maximum fuel efficiency

The latest Volvo Truck VNL updates feature the most aerodynamic and fuel-efficient package yet.  In fact, it offers up to 3.5 percent fuel savings when paired with an aero trailer compared to the previous package.  Here are the new features:


Effortlessly splits the wind.

The Volvo VNL series trucks feature a redesigned aero bumper and lower airflow deflector, which quickly attach air to the truck and efficiently channel airflow rearward.



Low turbulence is high priority.

A redesigned roof air deflector better complements the aerodynamic roof fairing and adjustable trim tab. Together, they help keep the air attached and smooth out costly turbulence between the cab and trailer.


Keeps air in the fast lane.

On the Volvo Truck VNL 630 and 670, new flared chassis fairings optimize airflow past the drive wheels and tractor-trailer gap.



Mirrors that put savings in focus.

The driver sees comforting wide angle views. Your fleet sees fuel savings. The aerodynamic design of our mirror assembly reduces turbulence by attaching air more quickly to the tractor.


Controlling air doesn’t stop on the outside.

Our new “smart” fan clutch increases fuel efficiency by 0.7% by only running the fan when extra cooling is necessary, varying fan speed based on cooling needs.


For more information about the new improvements about the 2016 Volvo VNL, please contact us.

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